Alternatives To Teaching: 20 Companies That Hire Teachers

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alternativesWritten By: Robyn Shulman

Yes, there are alternatives to teaching.

If you are having a difficult time finding a job in the classroom or if you simply need a change, consider looking into educational careers that offer alternatives to the classroom. There are various companies that hire teachers. Many people have a difficult time stepping outside of their career comfort zone, however, as this economy is in consistent fluctuation, you must be willing to move with the change and consider alternatives.

The skills teachers acquire are in high-demand and they are transferable to a host of occupations. If you teach, you can create courses, train, advise, write, and still make a difference. You have alternatives!

Here is a list of companies that hire teachers across the field:


The New Teacher Project

Edison Learning





Learning Resources

Encyclopedia Britannica

West Ed

NLU McCormick Center for Early Childhood

Language Stars



Children’s Literacy Initiative

Teach For America


Clarity Consultants

Connections Academy

Boardwork Education


Teachers who are interested in learning new skills can look up and register for detailed online courses, offered through ed2go. Teachers can also work in higher education institutions which include: admissions, advising, transcript evaluation, registrar’s office, etc. Junior colleges also tend to hire teachers with master’s degrees, and there are a host of online schools coming online all of the time.  Government organizations have jobs that require teacher skills as well.

The list above is only an example of different alternatives and choices and is not meant to be comprehensive.

If you pursued secondary education and earned a degree in a specific discipline, you may have various opportunities specific to the pedagogical area. For example, if you also majored in science, there are possible jobs within local museums, parks, and research institutions.  If you majored in Spanish, there are possible jobs with various organizations looking for bilingual speakers, many within government or even with initiatives such as El Futoro. Keeping an open mind along with a positive attitude is an imperative part of job searching. Stay positive, keep your head up and the right fit will come along, be it in the classroom or not (this is coming from me, a former waitress turned teacher, turned academic advisor, turned writer). What alternatives along your career path are you possibly considering?  Can you share other ideas?

There are also some great ideas and guidance in this book:

The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success (Touchstone Books)alternatives

10 thoughts on “Alternatives To Teaching: 20 Companies That Hire Teachers

  1. Johanna Koeppen

    I relocated to Canada when I got married. I have 24 yrs experience and a Master’s in ESL. Upon evaluating my app, I am told I do not qualify to teach in Alberta. WTH?!!? ALL I’ve ever done is teach and I am damn good at it. I am thinking, what do I do now? I feel like I have lost my identity. :-(

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  3. Joanna

    Any recommendations for a unemployed educator with a Masters in Education for Secondary Social Studies? My husband was a rock star as a student teacher and a sub, but no one wants to hire a grad with a Masters degree.

  4. Salo Moodley

    Thank you Robyn…..for opening new doors. I will certainly grab this opportunity to explore new options

  5. Julie Glisson

    I have 20 years experience in education at this time and am unemployed. I am definitely looking for a job, but would truly like to branch out into other areas. I’ve taught elementary, middle, high school, and at the college level. I have created and facilitated workshops for school faculties and staff and also for parents. I have also had experience as a Program Director for a non-profit organization and managed up to 27 employees at one time. I am really interested in a job position in or out of education, and in or out if the classroom. I will definitely check out the sites mentioned in the article, but if anyone can assist me please contact me at Thank you!

  6. Nancy Nichols

    I also am looking for a job. I am a substitute teacher, but I would love to find a permanent job. If you need someone with experience as both a teacher and a tutor who reads, writes and speaks in English and Spanish. I would love to put my skills to good use. Please contact me if you are in the Johnson County area of Kansas City in Kansas. P.S I also have office skills.

  7. Arthur

    We also hire educators. If they are looking for the opportunity to use their skills, knowledge and experience in helping school personnel about our teaching materials.

    As with other companies mentioned, there are several possibilities, depending on many factors.

  8. shahina

    I hope this is really for jobs and not for course taking for changing your profession. I am really looking for a job other than teaching as i have the transferable skills !

  9. Angie Ribo

    At the present time I am not looking outside my current job, but it is reassuring to know that we have skills that can transfer to other jobs.

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