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Hello! It’s very possible that you landed on this page because you are looking at changing your career path.

My name is Robyn Shulman, and I was once in your shoes. I didn’t leave the academic world for many of the reasons you are struggling with now. However, I’ve learned everything you need to know to make a career change–whether you want to stay in education, leave completely, or put your skills toward another field–you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome! I worked in academia for many years as a public teacher, ESL teacher and launched the first academic advising program for National Louis University.

I loved every minute in the academic world, and I will always be a teacher (now I write about education for various publications like Forbes and The Next Web. I’m also a Sr. Editor for the biggest online education company based out of China.

If you want to learn almost everything I’ve learned over the past six years, you’ve come to the right place.

What else can I do with a teaching degree?

There are a lot of things you can do with a teaching degree. If you find you are asking yourself this question often, it is time to take action. Thinking and wondering are one thing–but taking action is another.

This course will set you on the path to begin building a new journey; it will not help you find a new job overnight, but will set up a new path as you explore different beginnings, change your goals, and eventually lead you toward a new potential job.

Course Curriculum:

As any good course works, we’ll begin with your goal or end-result in mind. Each day is filled with content, self-reflection exercises, and actionable steps you can take now to move or change your path.

Note: This is a self-paced course and you can take it any time you’d like. There are no scheduled time commitments. Course to begin February 1st.

  1. Day One: Who are you and what are your career goals for 2018?
  2. Day Two: Defining your skills (soft skills and hard skills and how to put those to use in the right way)
  3. Day Three: Your online brand. How to create an online brand so opportunities come find you.
  4. Day Four: Building your online brand.
  5. Dave Five: Building your LinkedIn profile: How to use the right keywords, phrases and images so  opportunities reach you.
  6. Day Six: How to use LinkedIn to generate results so people notice and reach out to you. For example, how to use LinkedIn’s secret algorithm to reach people and obtain views like the one below.
  7. Day Seven: How to network using LinkedIn.
  8. Day Eight: Sources you can use to look for jobs in education outside of the field.
  9. Day Nine: How to network outside of online platforms and where to find events.
  10. Day Ten: Self-assessment, review and moving forward. The image below is from a recent status update. Note the views below that generated over 30 new networking connections.
    how teachers can change careers

    Data shown was within 24 hours, and over 30 people reached out to me in education.














If you are ready to move forward, and change your life path this year, please pre-register for this course. We’re offering the price at 50% off right now through January 15th.

Class begins February 1st. After January 15th, the course goes up to $100.00.

There are no further obligations, and you can take this class on your own time. All material will be sent to you each morning, and you can work at your own pace.

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