Internet Education in Public Schools: Two Leaders In Web Safety Work Together To Teach Children The Importance Of Using The Internet Responsibly


Kids today are utilizing the internet at an earlier age than ever, and from using computers in school and at home for educational purposes, to browsing the web on mobile devices, it can be hard to protect children from online dangers. Many companies and organizations are creating age-appropriate solutions that make it easier for kids to use the web safely. One such company is Everloop, the leading safe social media site for kids 13 and under.  Co-founded by digital parenting expert Hilary DeCesare, Everloop was created to give kids a place to utilize all of the appealing aspects of the web in a safe, monitored, and privacy-protected environment.

While resources are helpful, it is obvious that education is a need as well, which is why Everloop has partnered with security technology powerhouse McAfee to launch a free educational program for kids. The McAfee Cares-Online Safety For Kids school initiative employs volunteers to help train school-age children on ways to stay safe and secure, as well as maintain good ethics in their online behavior.  Their partnership with Everloop leverages what McAfee volunteers are doing in the classrooms with Everloop’s kid-friendly online social network to help reinforce and broadcast the online safety messages to more than 50,000 school children by 2013.

“We are dedicated to children’s safety and recognize the need for free and readily-available online safety education not only for concerned parents, but also in response to what kids today are voicing as their own concerns,” says Hilary DeCesare. “On Everloop, children share their many thoughts including their online fears. A recent Everloop poll showed kids top online fears include stranger danger (22%), privacy protection (20%), and cyber bullying (13%). We are proud to partner with McAfee, the top name in technology security, to bring timely solutions and important news to a generation that both needs and wants it.”

Just as computer skills education has been brought to the public school system, internet education is necessary, and young students are not only becoming more technologically savvy, but also more aware of the potential dangers that the internet holds. 

Just as we learned to look both ways before crossing the street, we want children to learn to make smart choices when using the Internet,” says McAfee Senior Vice President of Global External Affairs, Michael Busselen. “Through McAfee Cares – Online Safety for Kids, we mobilize our employees to go into classrooms to teach kids about the positive steps they can take to use their digital devices safely.”

The McAfee Cares Online Safety for Kids school initiative is currently being implemented in public school systems across the country. To learn more about the program or to inquire about setting up a seminar in your community, please visit To access additional safe internet resources from this program online, please visit



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