Little Big You

Girl holding globe

Girl holding globeWritten By Robyn Shulman, M.Ed.

The other day I was speaking with someone who has known me since I was 11. Our relationship has been on and off through the years. However, it is the type of relationship that doesn’t change no matter how much time passes. We were talking on the phone about the various things we’ve both done throughout our lives and careers, and she said, “You know Robyn, you have always been this little big you.”

At the time, I thought the phrase was cute and catchy, but did not take notice of what it really meant.

Over the course of a few days, the phrase kept coming back to me. What did it really mean? I thought about it in depth, and then I understood, it could mean many things.

A “little big you” may be someone with big dreams, goals and aspirations. Someone who is not afraid of the word no. Someone who keeps going, after failure and after success. Someone who believes in life-long learning, personal and professional growth. Someone who wants to make a big difference from a small part of the world. Someone who takes the driver’s seat, instead of letting the car choose the route. Someone who gives.

2013 is the year to become “Little Big You”.

Here are some tips and ideas I’ve learned along my “little big you” journey:

  • Don’t ever let fear hold you back from trying something new
  • Get out of that comfort zone
  • Don’t be afraid of the word “no”
  • Take the driver’s seat and steer the car where you want it to go; don’t wait for someone else to take you there
  • Never stop learning
  • Always listen and listen a lot
  • Share information with others when it is valuable; don’t speak just for the sake of speaking
  • You can learn thousands of new skills online, for free; use this resource to better yourself
  • Don’t spend time or energy on things that are meaningless
  • Give to others
  • Put good karma out into the world, as it will come back
  • Believe in yourself (I know this sounds cliché, however, it is a realistic fact that many of us do not believe in ourselves)
  • Remember that failure is part of the learning process; you must fail to find out how you can succeed
  • Stop waiting for life to happen, make it happen by doing, giving and reaching out
  • Don’t think of yourself as little inside, you have a lot of big things to give
  • Be proud of yourself for every accomplishment; you do not need the world to validate and pat you on the back for everything
  • Last, but not least, dream..and teach your own children and students how to dream..

2013 is the year of “Little Big You”.

What other tips do you have to share about your journey? I would love to hear them.


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