The American Dream Has Not Changed

The American Dream has not changed. Most people still want the same things; financial security, a good paying job, and a comfortable life. They want to be able to give back to the world while making a good home for their children. However, the road to attaining the American Dream has changed significantly. Resumes and interviews are important, however, they are not one’s first line of exposure anymore. The road is different, the path is crooked and the bumps are many. For those who have not been exposed to these changes, the ride may seem nearly impossible. The millennial generation, as technologically savvy as they are due to their online lifestyle, simply do not know how to move their personal online reputation to a professional reputation. Baby boomers are struggling as they are working longer and feel greatly challenged by technology. Generation X is struggling to stay within the middle class, while raising kids and taking care of parents. Many universities provide ‘old school’ career counseling, focusing on a student’s resume, rather than going over a Linkedin profile. We are outdated, outsmarted, and off-shored.

Let’s get back on track by following some of these updated tips:

  1. Check out your social media reputation by ‘googling’ your name
  2. Delete any/all inappropriate images and/or comments left on social networks
  3. Start a blog and share what you know on places such as Linkedin, Linkedin groups, Facebook (go to other Facebook pages and share your work)..provide something of value that will garner interest and respect
  4. Don’t deny and/or ignore technology, as it is here to stay. Take the challenge and learn about, accept it within your business, and don’t be afraid of it
  5. Brand yourself by finding your niche, identify what makes you unique and develop that presence online (this takes some self-reflection about who you are and where you want to go)
  6. Make sure your Linkedin profile is complete by filling it with keywords, a great image, etc. Be active on Linkedin by joining groups and/or starting a group. Share your knowledge on Linkedin so people can see how you relate to others while showing off your MB900441193skills in a most humble manner
  7. Network properly by reaching out to others in a way that is mutually beneficial (not just about you)
  8. Start and finish internships
  9. Network both online and offline
  10. If you are just starting out in college, research current career interests first before choosing a major. Why? Be sure there is expected growth within the next 5-10 years at least.
  11. Volunteer, be grateful and give back

How are you marketing yourself?

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