Writer’s Guidelines for Upcoming Education Promotion on Zeusvision Bus:

If you are interested in the upcoming promotion I contacted you about, and/or if you heard about it, please send me an article or a story following the guidelines below.

I am kicking the series off with “Why I Became a Teacher”. If that interests you, please use that topic. If not, the story should be about something that touches your heart, something special in our field. The education voices and stories we don’t hear enough of will be shared. I will be posting articles that meet the following criteria:

1. 800-1400 words
2. This initiative is not about selling products; rather it is about spreading social good
3. You may include a bio, picture and link to your site at the end of the article

Please send to me by November 1st in a word document, along with a creative commons, personal or purchased image (with proper credit) of your choice to: robyn.shulman (at) ednewsdaily.com.