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Writer’s Guidelines

These writer’s guidelines are designed to lead you through the process we use to guide you in the process. We accept both academic and opinion based articles.  What do we want? We work hard to give the best, most detailed and up-to-date accounts of emerging education trends, issues and ideas. We want education success stories. We are looking for good writing and good ideas, intelligently presented, aimed at our audience of K-12 school districts, higher learning institutions, teachers, school board members, superintendents, and other administrators. We will cover just about every educational topic, with special emphasis on higher education, technology and emerging trends.

Advertising: We only publish education based articles, and are looking to create long term mutually beneficial relationships for our audience. We are not aimed at providing marketing materials or highly political overtones. We provide information relevant to the hot topics in education.

We do not want articles from sites solely looking for backlinks, and we will not post links to sites outside of the education field. All requests must be directly related to education in some manner.

First Steps
We feature two kinds of writers at EdNews Daily. One is the professional writer or journalist who researches and writes articles that are objective and present different viewpoints. The other kind of writer is a teacher, administrator, educational technologist or professor who writes about what’s going on in a local school, district, higher education institution or community. We feature writers from all around the world. We also invite writers who are hot on the scene with new technological ideas and innovators in education. We are also traditional and love to hear from pioneers in education. If you’re a professional writer or journalist, please send us a pitch. Although we do not provide payment at this time, you may include a bio, photo and link to your site(s).

We have an audience of 12K-15K visitors per month. If you’re a school board member, administrator, teacher, professor, or anyone else who doesn’t write for a living, please send us your stories of success! What we want from you is your experience, expertise, knowledge and strategies.

Before submitting a pitch, please check out our magazine.
Check to see what subjects we’ve covered. Read the articles for subject matter, style, tone, and length. Our readers are teachers, higher education administrators, students, parents and K-12 districts. Please focus your article on how your subject might interest or affect them. For example, if you’re a teacher writing about the Common Core, please include this basic information.

Be specific. Provide facts, figures, and examples. Our readers love infographics. Write from personal experience. We love personal stories of success in education.

Expect to be edited.
All work is edited before publishing.

After You Write When preparing your article, please follow the guidelines below:

        • Only original and new content (no double posts from other sites)-Please note, we run our articles through copyscape.
        • Send as a word attachment or via email
        • 1,000-1,500 words
        • Check for spelling and grammar errors
        • Bio, link to site and photo (optional)

Acceptance and Publication We will acknowledge your article, edit it and send back for review. Once all of the edits are approved by you, the article will be published within a week. You will be given the link as soon as it is live. Please note, articles may be edited for SEO purposes. Email: hello (at) ednewsdaily.com.

Note: Robyn is part of LinkedIn’s Influencer program in education, and currently has over 177,000 followers in the education technology and management channel.