• rainbow

    Written By: Robyn Shulman Working too much or not at all It is no wonder we are about to fall We are on the computer, on the couch or texting on our phone A family in one room all together can no longer call their house a home Disconnected we’ve become as a race Only ...
  • advisor

    Written By: Aaron Worley Special Contributions from: Andrea Skimbo & Marissa McIntyre – Oklahoma State University I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” But what if you have found what you love to do and unfortunately you struggle financially, ...
  • bilingual

    Written By: Mac-Z Zurawski As we challenge ourselves to use education to “bridge the gap between dreams and reality” for our students, we must include diversity.  Diversity in the community classroom is a natural endeavor. A community classroom (classes outside the collegiate atmosphere usually taken in community centers, non-profits and some corporate places) will be ...
  • education technology

    Written By: Robyn Shulman Microsoft has a host of amazing free technology services for teachers.  For example, teachers can create games, turn their computers into virtual telescopes, and find lesson plans for every grade level.  All of these services are FREE!  Microsoft also offers many student discounts. Take a look at some of these interesting ...
  • university

    Written By: Robyn Shulman The damaged soul of a university may be temporarily scarred. However, those who have built the physical structure have the power to move forward. It is with great sorrow that I write this post, however, I feel compelled to do so. Watching a beloved university fall apart is no easy task. ...
  • writer

    certification. A Special Guest Post Written by Mary Stephens “The quality of any school relies on the strength of its educators at the front of the classroom.” – Arne Duncan, Education Secretary Getting certified to teach is tough….and it should be! It’s a huge responsibility—preparing people for life, adulthood, a career, citizenship. We can all ...
  • kids

    Guest post written by:  Mac-Z Zurawski This will be a four part series on community teaching.  This week focuses upon differences in community vs. college classrooms.   Each week I will post a new part in the series.  Martin Luther King, Jr., gave us all a means to believe in a dream almost 60 years ago.  ...
  • pbs newshour

    Written By: Robyn Shulman Searching for a college? Working in higher education has been an enlightening experience for me.  Personally, I simply love higher education, the idea of it, the relationships that are made, and the process of growing, learning and self-reflection.  However, during my time working in advising and listening to student feedback, I ...