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    Written By: Mac-Z Zurawski “Your new assignment is observing a discussion or comment log on your favorite social media site or a news site.  It must be related to the current class discussion of justice in America.”  My students excitingly begin to ask questions such as “what news source can be used?  Is Rolling Stone ...
  • college

    Guest Article Written By: Adam Stacy, CollegiateZone It’s fall of 2012. Imagine you’re a typical college freshman. You’re reveling in a new sensation of freedom. You went through the gifts received last spring and packed your boxes with the tools and toys of your choice. You’ve unloaded it all into your new home away from ...
  • love linkedin

    LinkedIn is a very powerful too, both professionally and personally. I never realized how much impact it would have in my own life until I truly became part of the community as an active member. In 2006, I was asked to launch the first graduate advising program for National Louis University. With incredible success and ...
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    6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Supplemental Science Curriculum: Funny, Witty, and All Students Can Relate Teach With Cartoons is a middle school program covering 6th, 7th and 8th grade science.   The science program is aligned with national standards, and covers a realm of learning abilities and multiple intelligences. I really like this 6th, 7th, ...
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    Written By Robyn Shulman Considering our schools are still run on an industrial type of model, it is no surprise that there is little room or time for creativity. From standardized tests to curriculum that comes delivered in a one size fits all box, we have a generation of kids who are at a loss ...
  • read

    Proficiency-based assessment and personalized learning have been gaining traction throughout K-12 education over the past few years, especially in the World Language subject area. Since students enter language programs at different ages and progress at different rates, World Language educators need to be able to work with students with a wide range of skills, similar ...
  • classroom

    Written By Sherry Ramrattan Smith Curriculum emerges from ideas about what should be taught and learned in our schools. According to Westbury (2008), “curriculum is often conceived as an authoritative prescriptive course of study used by a system of schools and is usually represented as a provincial standard.” Aoki (1993) refers to mandated guidelines, lessons, ...