• alternatives to teaching

    Please keep an eye out for this project via Linkedin and Facebook…coming soon! Please contact me for questions and how to help launch this desperately needed college course and book! All universities, higher education companies, non-profits and more can benefit..feel free to contact me today to learn more at: robyn.shulman@ednewsdaily.com    
  • stamp

    This article was originally written by Lisa Myers at lisamyers.org. She gave me permission to post it. Please visit her site for more at: http://www.lisamyers.org. Please share your thoughts. Dear America, It feels strange to hear your voice praising teachers for their selflessness, dedication, and love for their students. We’re listening to what you’re saying, ...
  • post it notes

    Written by: Robyn Shulman Today I am so proud to share this amazing movement of kindness amongst 6th-8th girls at Woodlawn Middle School in Buffalo Grove. The girls decided to start writing positive messages of encouragement on post it notes which they stuck on the mirrors of the washrooms in the school. They left markers ...
  • love

    Written By: Robyn Shulman During my years in the classroom, I never referred to my class as my students, but rather, my kids. When I was teaching, a principal once stated that I cared too much about my kids. In light of the tragedy of Newtown, I cannot imagine one parent, administrator or teacher who ...
  • read to kids

    Guest Article Written By: Dr. Cas Olivier Please see Dr. Olivier’s new book on Amazon here: The DNA of Great Teachers Teachers’ beliefs are deeply entrenched in their minds; one could say it became part of their teaching-DNA. Their DNA coding influence the way they interpret the curriculum, enhance, monitor, guide and support learners. The ...
  • graduates

    Dear Colleges and Universities, This presentation has been made to provide you with the current stats in regard to higher education, career advising and social media. In particular, teaching social media such as Linkedin for career advancement. The stats are present and we must provide, as well as, be the example for our future generation. ...