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    Guest Article Written By: Mac-Z Zurawski As a professional learner I am always intrigued by methods that create pathways to greater learning. While in my online teaching certification process I revisited a great tool: rubrics. Yes, I had seen them before but not in this light. As a graduate student I reviewed them as a ...
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    Are you more likely to devote time to something that you have a financial investment in or something you haven’t invested anything in to start? For example, are you more likely to work hard to complete a course that cost you $1,000 up front or one that cost nothing up front? Most students are likely to put more time ...
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    Written by: Robyn Shulman Preface: This article is not about online classes and/or technology in the classroom. We need technology and teachers; technology is a supplemental learning tool in the classroom. There is a vast amount of discussion and debates surrounding the education technology movement. Education technology has changed the way we think, communicate, and ...