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    Written By: Robyn Shulman Empathy is a word that tends to carry displaced meaning. It is more than caring about others; it is more than sending in a donation, and it is more than shedding tears when something horrific happens to others. The definition of empathy is having the ability to understand and share the ...
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    Written By Dr. Nancy Heath Program Director, Child and Family Development at American Public University The number of overweight kids, even preschoolers, has climbed dramatically in the past 30 years.  Parents, researchers, and healthcare providers have been looking for an approach that will address this looming problem but, so far, the results are disappointing. The ...
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    Guest Article Written by: Kimberly Tyson, Ph.D., of Learning Unlimited Literacy-rich environments, as endorsed by the International Reading Association, have a significant impact on what goes on in the classroom and set the stage for interactions with a wide variety of genres. In the past several years, I’ve supported many teachers and administrators as they ...