• together

    Guest article written by Olin Reams, General Manager, ConceptDraw.com Mind Mapping Digitalization has been a disruptive force across the board, leveraging existing technologies and taking them to new levels and unprecedented speeds. Like healthcare, finance, and other industries, higher education is evolving and is increasingly digital; today’s students can download notes from the cloud and turn ...
  • computer addiction

    Guest article written by Jimmy Sorensen A constant complaint we hear about the kids of the current generation is about their addiction to their devices, be it their computer, playstation, laptop, or even smartphone, and how they are more comfortable communicating via text messages and social media sites rather than hanging out at a coffee ...
  • no child left behind

    Guest article written by Sara Stringer The ‘No Child Left Behind’ law has officially been voted out by the House Republicans. The law, which targets the evaluation of students and schools in U.S., has been met with criticism with lawmakers saying that state and local school districts should set policy, not Washington. The legislation required ...
  • diversity

    Guest article written by: Maria Wang My journey in teaching began when I decided to become a literacy volunteer tutor in November 1993. I was trained as an English as Second Language Tutor. My role was to tutor adults from various countries who did not speak a word of English. I found tutoring to be ...
  • teaching little ones

    Guest article written by Lori Fettner I first knew there was something different about Binta when I gave her an alphabet book and asked her to copy the letters into her notebook. It was my third year of teaching ESL, so I was getting used to, and loved, working with students who were brand-new to ...