• schools success

    Guest article by Dick Resch, original copy via Orange County Register I am sharing this article written by Dick Resch because it is an area we don’t talk much about in education due to funding. However, there are some amazing points to consider in this article. Environment, classroom comfort and meeting the needs of modern ...
  • pbs newshour

    By Dr. Patricia Campbell Dean, Graduate Studies at American Public University A thorough literature review on “graduate culture” reveals that the topic has largely been unexplored. However, most of us who experienced a traditional graduate education can fondly (or perhaps not so fondly) recall something akin to a “culture” that characterized our graduate school experience.  ...
  • safety

    There is nothing more important than safety in our schools. Let us never forget the Sandy Hook tragedy, the children, the adults, the families, and the heroes. Join Michele Gay and other education and law specialists in this initiative. Our thoughts consistently remember the beautiful children and the families whom were affected so greatly. Michele ...
  • common core math

    Written by: Robyn Shulman School has started and for most parents, that means homework has started for them as well. For those who haven’t noticed, math looks quite different this year, especially for those who grew up using the traditional method (carry, borrow, etc.). In Illinois, for most schools, the Common Core Math program has ...
  • 3491

    Written by Robyn Shulman (originally posted on Linkedin’s talent blog) Teachers make up an impressively large talent pool — just doing a simple search on LinkedIn shows that there over 4 million people whose professional title is “teacher.”They also represent an impressively under-recruited group of job seekers. Many of them are searching for new opportunities ...
  • harvard

    Guest article written by Pamela Rossow If you have completed your bachelor’s and are considering earning a graduate degree, you might be faced with a challenging decision. Making financial and personal commitments to earn your grad degree could be overwhelming so how do you know if grad school is the right move for you? Here ...
  • chicago fox news

    Bullying is a serious problem that children and adults face all over the world every day. I hope you enjoy my interview with Fox News Chicago today, as we discussed how teachers and parents should handle bullying at home and at school. How do you respond to bullying as a teacher or as a parent? ...