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This first book, 30 pages long, You Can Change Your Career, was four years in the making. Begin reading about how to change your life-using many of my own personal strategies for success.

Tremendous Teachers
When teachers are not happy, students are not happy. The mood of the teacher sets the tone of the learning environment. This domino effect translates into a lack of learning and moves from the classroom, to communities, throughout our nation and into the world.

I changed my life and other teachers can too. Today, I am the Editorial Director for MindRocket Media Group, an education writer for the Huffington Post and an official LinkedIn Thought Leader for education and education technology. I wrote this book because I will always be a teacher by heart. All kids deserve a passionate teacher who wants to be in the classroom, nothing less.

I have spoken with thousands of teachers about their careers, future goals and how they feel about their profession. Unfortunately, countless numbers of teachers are simply unhappy in the classroom; some are overwhelmed, others are burned out and many of the best educators leave the profession within their first five years.

And the data speaks for itself. Alternatives to Teaching: 20 Companies that Hire Teachers, an article found on my site, EdNews Daily, generates nearly 100,000 page views per month. This specific article focuses on career options for teachers looking outside the field. These teachers contact me every week, with a community growing close to 10,000 educators.

And, they want to change careers, however, they simply don’t know how to do so. This book covers the span of the most important things I’ve learned over the past five years reinventing myself as an educator, along with strategies and resources. In addition, the book focuses on mindset, how to network, professional branding, and specific ways to use LinkedIn to find success. Teachers who want to reinvent their lives have the abilities to do so. By learning about my story, following tips and taking action, teachers can be on their way to sharing their many talents.

This book covers the following:
Prologue: Why I Created this Book
Chapter One: Why Should You Learn from Me?
Chapter Two: My Story
Chapter Three: How I Took Action
Chapter Four: Make Changes and Take Action
Chapter Five: Clean Up Your Digital Footprint
Chapter Six: Make A Daily Plan
Chapter Seven: Getting Started with LinkedIn
Chapter Eight: How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile
Chapter Nine: Activities
Chapter Ten: Why Companies Should Hire Teachers
Chapter Eleven: The Realities of a New Work World
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