Over the past five years I have worked with various education technology entrepreneurs and startups. My work as a teacher, higher education academic advisor and education journalist provides me with unique and valuable insights about the infrastructure of successful education and edtech startups. As a teacher, I have a clear understanding of the needs in a classroom. I understand the education language, needs of a school district, and have made strong relationships that bridge entrepreneurs and teachers.

As an education journalist and teacher, I’m highly aware of the mistakes most edtech startups and founders make in the early stages of their ventures. Education technology is a unique field, and it is imperative to have someone from the public school system who can provide valuable guidance and strategic advice.

I work with edtech startups, education media companies, teachers and professional development providers. I enjoy working with edtech founders in the early stages, and also enjoy helping new ventures grow through media outreach, editorial content and bridging long-lasting connections that are mutually beneficial.

I’ve worked with and interviewed various edtech startup and founders.

More about me: I am the founder of Education News Daily and the Sr. Editor of Thought-Leadership for 51Talk U.S., a leading online education startup in China, with core expertise in English teaching.

I’ve interviewed the likes of Shaan Patel, André Thomas, Karl Mehta, Susan Crown, Christopher Gray, Po-Shen Lo and more. Today, I continue to work with leading education and entrepreneurial influencers.

I am also an education thought-leader featured with influencers at LinkedIn. As of date, I have over 84,000 followers. I run two education groups with over 15,000 educators. In addition, I have an email subscribers list with over 10,000 educators. My reach and connections stretch from Silicon Valley to Chicago and across the globe.

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Before my roles in writing and edtech consulting, you could find me in the classroom or working within the higher education ecosystem. I am a certified elementary, middle school and ESL teacher. I taught 4th-8th grade, including all essential content subject areas, ESL and Spanish. In 2006, I launched and managed the first graduate advising program in the history of National Louis University. I supported over 2,500 teachers and 50 adjunct and full-time professors while working closely with faculty building out new degrees.

You can find my work featured in various publications such as LinkedIn’s Member Blog, Edudemic, Fox News, National-Louis University News, Xavier University News, Edutopia, Huffington Post, WeAreTeachers, Cision’s Influencer Blog & more.

Some Helpful Notables:
✎ Featured Education & Edtech Thought Leader on LinkedIn among Influencers
✎ Featured on LinkedIn’s Member Blog & 200M Member Press Release
✎ On Cision’s Influencer Blog, named as, “One of the most influential voices in education policy & technology reporting today.”
✎ Contribute to Thrive Global, Huffington Post & The Next Web

  • Education Technology Startup Strategic Advice and Guidance
  • Editorial and Content Creation
  • Building your Brand
  • Telling your Story
  • Making Connections and Networking
  • Building Relationships
  • Media Outreach and Visibility

Below are a few of the startups, universities and education companies I’ve worked with to date.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about the services I provide.

You can reach me at: info@ednewsdaily.com.

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