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*Note: Robyn D. Shulman is not a LinkedIn employee, and this community does not have any official affiliation with LinkedIn outside of her personal use of the platform. This community is for those who would like to learn, connect, and share best practices.

How to Use LinkedIn

Learn how to use LinkedIn Robyn Shulman, the #1 Top Voice in education, 2018.

This program and community is designed for those who are seriously committed to using LinkedIn to change their careers, grow their brand, or increase business awareness through thought-leadership. This program is not your average LinkedIn 101 guide. If you want to know the best way to use LinkedIn, you’ve come to the right place.

This program is not open to everyone, and you must be committed to joining, working, and participating.

With over seven years of in-depth LinkedIn experience, we will cover every small detail about LinkedIn to help you meet your goals.

Why work with me? There are thousands of LinkedIn coaches..

Yes, there are a lot of people who call themselves LinkedIn coaches. However, my history with the company goes back to 2012.

I’m a certified teacher with an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Development. I have been teaching for many years.

Some notables that make me different than the coaches you’ll find on LinkedIn:

  • I’ve been beta testing for LinkedIn since 2012.
  • I’ve helped the company build in such areas as mobile, publishing, LinkedIn Learning, apps, Pulse and more.
  • In 2012, LinkedIn shared my career story on their member blog and on Slideshare. The deck I created for LinkedIn “Ten Ways LinkedIn Changed My Life In One Year,” has been shared across the globe and within universities over 450,000 times.
  • In 2013, LinkedIn named me as one out of three members in their 200-million member press release.
  • In 2016, LinkedIn named me as “Someone to Follow” with leading educators such as Hadi Partovi and Vivek Wadhwa. Please see image below.
  • Last year, LinkedIn named me the #1 Top Voice in Education out of 500 million people.
  • I have unique insight into how to best use LinkedIn to build your personal brand, grow your business, and position yourself as a thought-leader in your niche.
  • I currently have over 230,000 followers on the platform. However, those are not numbers, those are people and relationships.
  • I’m also a writer who contributes to Forbes covering the intersection of education and entrepreneurship.

This program is not for everyone, so let’s clarify who will benefit from this community and who will not benefit.

This program is for those who:

  • Understand the value of LinkedIn
  • Want to get ahead at a young age–begin learning how to network now
  • Want to use LinkedIn to grow their brand or business and is fully committed to doing the work
  • Want to join a community of serious like-minded people
  • Know that LinkedIn is a long-term investment in time
  • Can spend up to one year working with me and financially afford it
  • Want to go into the depth of real learning that includes everything about the platform
  • Want to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others
  • May be in a transformational period and want to build a new brand for themselves through thought-leadership, writing, video or other means of innovate communication
  • Entrepreneurs who want to build their brand on LinkedIn

This program is not for those who:

  • Who want to become “LinkedIn Famous” for no reason
  • Think LinkedIn is a joke and just another place to post silly videos
  • Think LinkedIn is just a resume holder
  • Are not open to networking
  • Are not willing to do the work it takes to grow your brand or business through thought-leadership
  • Are overcome with fear when it comes to “getting out there”
  • Only want to grow their brands quickly and become an “Influencer”
  • Are not fully committed to at least one year
  • Are looking for high-level information

Together, we will grow and learn starting here.

How to use LinkedIn effectively

Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Creating a top-notch profile–including your picture, background image, writing your headline, bio (how to tell your story), using data, adding media, the importance of keywords, and past employment
  • How to be found by recruiters instead of spending hours looking for jobs, wasting time, and sending out endless resumes that don’t work
  • Bio: Learn how to describe who you are, who you help, and how you help them in a compelling way
  • Why recommendations and endorsement of skills matter-and how to grow these areas of your profile
  • The importance of social proof on your profile–show me, don’t tell me

Building Your Brand On LinkedIn

  • How to find your voice and grow your brand
  • How to sell yourself without selling
  • How to find your audience and connect with them in the right way
  • How to use your education background to connect and build your network

Networking, Thought-Leadership & Growth

  • Learn how to network the right way
  • How to stand out among your competition
  • How to create engaging thought-leadership content (and why it matters)
  • The best way to build professional relationships
  • Choosing the best content (text, links to articles, videos, LinkedIn live, blog posts)
  • Best day/times to post
  • How to build a supportive LinkedIn community with your peers
  • How to leverage LinkedIn–understanding that it is a long term investment
  • The importance of having patience on the platform
  • The importance of writing

LinkedIn Extras (Groups, Company Pages & Things To Avoid)

  • LinkedIn groups–yes or no?
  • How to create your company page
  • The value of LinkedIn Showcase Pages–how to use them to tell your stories and grow your business
  • The top five things you should never do on LinkedIn
  • Beta right now: LinkedIn events and LinkedIn Live

BONUS: How to get you or your business/startup featured on the top publications, how to reach out to contributing writers and journalists (on LinkedIn and via email)–and everything entrepreneurs need to know without hiring a PR firm.

This part of the program also includes the common mistakes entrepreneurs make when reaching out to writers, and is filled with tips to successfully land in the right publication.

How to use LinkedIn…Here are some examples of my journey.

how to use LinkedIn

In 2016, LinkedIn named me as “Someone to Follow,” with some of the brightest minds in education.

How to use LinkedIn


We will cover heavily detailed topics to get you where you need to be or find where you need to go.

You get direct interaction with me, all of my tips (everything I’ve learned on my journey), bi-weekly live meetings, and you can ask me anything you want regarding LinkedIn in the group.

This is not a course.

Rather, this is a learning community where we all support and learn from each other.

Every 10 days we will jump into another topic.

Your purchase grants you access to me, my knowledge, and ongoing guidance for as long as you need. Also, you will get premium updates about LinkedIn.

Bonus: If you’re wondering how to connect with journalists to get your name, company, nonprofit or institution mentioned in a column, I’ve got you covered as well.

The cost of this community is $200.00 flat—no subscription required.

If this sounds like something you’d like to join, please buy now before seats fill.

This offer ends May 31st.