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Robyn D. Shulman, LinkedIn Coach

Do any of these feelings or thoughts sound familiar regarding LinkedIn?

I want to change my career path, but I’m not sure how to do it.
I know LinkedIn has a lot to offer, but I have no ideas where to begin.
I’m scared to publish on social media. What will my colleagues think?
What about people who might be mean or challenge what I have to say?
I have no idea what to talk about on LinkedIn.
Everyone is already using it. It’s too late for me to begin.
There’s too much competition.
I know it’s a great place for business, but how do I use it to stand out?

If this sounds like you, you’ve arrived at the right place.

LinkedIn Coach

Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by and I’m looking forward to working with you. My name is Robyn D. Shulman, and I’m a certified teacher, writer, and LinkedIn named me the #1 Top Voice in Education for 2018. I’ve been working with LinkedIn’s team since 2012.

My story has been featured on their career blog and I created a deck and shared it with Jeff Weiner (the CEO) in 2012. This LinkedIn deck has been shared around the world in organizations, companies, nonprofits and universities. They also featured me in their 200-million member announcement, and today I still continue to work with them.

I have a completely different view and long term level of experience compared to the many LinkedIn coaches you’ll find. And, yes, there are a lot of them.

However…this page is NOT about me. This page is for YOU. If you were looking for a LinkedIn coach, you found her.

LinkedIn Coach

Services & Goals For LinkedIn Coaching

If your LinkedIn goals are to:

Get over your fear of publishing, networking or making that first step, you found your LinkedIn coach
Learn how to network
Land a new job
Learn how to pivot your career
Expand your business visibility
Learn how to make connections
Figure out what and when to post
Understand the psychological effect of networking
Optimize your profile
Establish your name on the platform
Learn how to use LinkedIn to grow your business
Learn how to connect with others in your niche
Grow your following
Make a difference in the lives of others
Learn how to become a LinkedIn Top Voice
Learn what to do (and what not to do)
Fix common mistakes
Hear about LinkedIn news before others

And so much more…You’ve come to the right place!

Still not sure? Read more below and register today!

LinkedIn Coach

More Credentials

Alongside Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson, and Bill Gates, I am also one of 500 individuals officially designated as Influencers on LinkedIn, and I’ve been beta testing most of their products since 2012. I’m part of an invite-only LinkedIn advisory team providing input on new features and practices. This provides me with unique insight into how to best use LinkedIn to build a personal brand and engage in thought leadership as its algorithm evolves and changes.

I have over 230,000+ LinkedIn followers. I also contribute to Forbes, LinkedIn’s official blog, and The Next Web-where I share my thoughts on topics related to education, technology, and influence.

If you’re ready to begin using LinkedIn, now is the time. With over 600 million subscribers, the platform is becoming a busy place with new users every six seconds.

how to use linkedin with robyn shulman, linkedin top voice

Don’t miss the opportunity to find your voice and make a difference in the world.

The cost for this program is $499.00 for a one year subscription. Any private coaching services to be determined upon request.

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Can’t wait to see you in the group, hosted on Facebook.

Your LinkedIn Coach, Robyn