Thank you for your interest in a partnership with our outlet.

Are you interested in partnering with us? If so, please see our statistics, read through our magazine to get a feel for our audience, and let us know if you are a good fit by filling out the form below. Please be detailed in your answers.

Because I am a forever teacher, these are things I look for in a partnership:

  1. Long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship
  2. A product or service that has great impact on the lives of students, parents, and teachers
  3. Transparency and ethics are of utmost importance
  4. Referrals and special promo codes/coupons that I can recommend to my community. Your product or service must support students, teachers and/or the parental community.

Here are some current facts about our reach:

  • I am a LinkedIn thought leader featured along with official LinkedIn Influencers, specifically in the education technology and education management channels for LinkedIn. When scrolling through the application, you will see my face featured as someone to follow next to other Influencers.  I currently have over 42,000 followers who specifically chose to follow me through this venue. When I share an article, thousands of people have the ability to see it.
  • EdNews Daily has an average of 100,000 page views per month (this varies due to the season). Our audience is made of parents, the K-12 community, teachers and higher education institutions.
  • I’m an Influencer on
  • My site runs through, and they send out a newsletter every day, with over 20,000 subscribers.
  • My site runs through E-Learning Feeds (
  • I write for the Huffington Post: (I do not provide links here). However, many people visit my site from the Post.
  • I partner with ShareMyLesson and the American Federation of Teachers.
  • My site will be streamed through a professional development provider in all New Jersey public schools (partnership is verified-they are building out the program).
  • I have ongoing partnerships and connections for you due to my background as an educator, academic advisor and a journalist.
  • I have private education communities with over 13,000 members.
  • Twitter following: Over 4,200.
  • I have an email list between 8,000-10,000 subscribers.
Traffic Statistics: For January 2016-Peak traffic months are May-October:
  • Average 100,000 page views per month
  • PageRank 33
  • Average visitors range from 37K-50K per month
  • Hold over 500 education terms on pages 1-2 of Google

There is much more to come!

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