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ED News Daily is frequently asked to review products, services or activities (i.e., books, software, education tech products, games) by outside companies.


Reviews: We typically do not provide product reviews or take demo review requests. If you are interested in sharing a demo request, please note, there is a fee for this and is considered a consultation from professional educators. Our value and network bring tremendous background and information, and unfortunately, we cannot provide this service for free. If we do review your product and you ask us to share our review with our readers, this information will be noted as a sponsored review. Please contact us to learn more.


Please note:
  • Any and all items or activities must be of interest to our readers.
  • The purpose or role of the item must be made clear in writing (no phone calls please).
  • Discussion or review of the item must enhance the overall good of the education community.
  • Our concerns are always in the best interest of student outcomes.
  • We must have a genuine interest in your product or service. We do not share and/or promote work that does not fit well with this site or benefit our readers.

Transparency and high-ethical behavior is most important to us. We do not engage in any cross-marketing or link exchange partnerships. We do not accept articles from those who are solely looking for back-links. You must have a genuine profile.

Press and Media: We are always interested in breaking news to share with our readers. Please consider us when you have education news that will benefit our audience. Thank you.

Non-Profits and Social Good: We love your stories! Please send them to us!



Do Something Awesome; Share With A Friend Who May Benefit