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    By Tamara Fyke For many districts in the country, it is Fall Break, which marks the halfway point in the semester and a perfect time for a check-in. Perhaps, check-ins are new for you. We can be accustomed to moving full steam ahead with our own plans, dedicated to meeting our school’s goals or federal ...
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    By Lane Jabaay Editor’s Note: This is part one in a series about how solutions from Applied Educational Neuroscience are necessary to improve our approach to the social and emotional development of children. The mission of schools and school districts has always been to educate students. To do this, we must continually evolve our approach ...
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    By Tamara Fyke “What do we do now?” This is THE question on the minds and hearts of educators and administrators trying to determine next steps for re-opening schools with only a few months of this current year remaining, all the while knowing that there are many students who will not ever return to in-person ...